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Benefit from OAI's collaborative member environment. Expand your organization's capabilities, build strong industry partnerships and accelerate innovation and research. 


Broadcast news, insights and innovations. Hear from world-class speakers and gain access to timely information highlighting industry news, technology trends, funding opportunities, and more.

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Grow your organization by reaching new customers, markets and audiences through new business opportunities, improved productivity, expanded enrollment and greater brand awareness.

“Boeing values the contributions of Ohio suppliers and vendors, spending approximately $12B annually with Ohio across multiple business units. Ohio has been key to development of many Boeing products, from commercial airplanes to NASA rockets. Boeing and Ohio will continue to partner for the success of existing programs as well as future initiatives.”

OAI member & tenant, Boeing SLS

“OAI has been detail-oriented and well-organized in their coordination of technical development. They ensured that all parties involved were promptly updated on any project developments or changes and made sure that the team was always on the same page regarding planning and next steps.”

U.S. Air Force

"OAI’s management of the Propulsion Instrumentation Working Group (PIWG) is of the highest caliber. OAI is an effective advocate for the group’s interests throughout the aerospace and propulsion communities, and enthusiastically fosters an environment of collaboration that has led to many successful programs and partnerships among PIWG members."


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In addition to OAI expertise and crucial company connections, member companies gain access to:

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  • Inclusion in Capabilities Matrix
  • Global Opportunities
  • Contract Services
  • Expert Network and Exchange
  • B2B Networking Events
  • Topical Symposia
  • Annual Aerospace Summit 
  • Event Management and Coordination 
  • Speaker Series 
  • Targeted Training 
  • Collaboration with Federal Lab/Military Partners 
  • Lunch & Learn Speakers 
  • OAI Expertise
  • Industry and Workforce Recruitment Events

Annual cost for OAI membership is $1,000.

Individual, non-listed memberships are $250.

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